Barsa My Darling


Barsa My Darling Odia

Barsa My Darling is an Odia film released in 2004

Directed By – Hara Patnaik

Cast – Anubhab Mohanty, Ankita Banerjee, Hara Patnaik

Songs of Barsa My Darling :                              Singer
1. Barsa Ho Barsa Ho Barsa             –          T. Sourie Ira Mohanty & Swarup
2. Barsa My Darling                           –             Kumar Bapi & Ira Mohanty
3. Debaa Ho Debaa                           –               T. Sourie & Tapu Mishra
4. Eki Hela Phula Ku Bhramara Chuin Galaa      –      Tapu Mishra
5. Jadi Mate Kahucha Bhala Paucha                   –      Tapu Mishra


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